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Acquaviva Suite is in Marittima, part of Diso, near Lecce. We are in Southern Salento, on the Adriatic coast of Puglia: on the northern side there is Otranto, on the southern side there is Leuca. In the centre, a sunkissed land, bathed by a beautiful sea. Marittima, which is named after the blue sea, is a quiet paraidse: you will be welcomed by the birds chirping, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, the sound of the backwash, the color of the olive trees and the rustling of the pine forests by the sea. The residential area is 50 meters away from the town square, at the back of the church dedicated to San Vitale. Nearby there are shops, amenities and bars.

THE CLOSEST BEACH: ACQUAVIVA BAY, a Norwegian fjord in Salento

A place that is as magnificent as is unexpected, that opens between two rocky wings, protected by the crags and ravines of the Adriatic coast. Acquaviva bay is a natural fjord, protected by the currents of air, that recalls the inlets in the Norwegian coast. Its water is cold and amazingly transparent. This area is awarded with the 5 Vele Legambiente flag. This is a bay with pebbles, bathed by the sea that slowly becomes deeper. On the sides, a panoramic cliff with smooth rocks where you can sunbathe or plunge into the sea. By the coast there are a parking area and a bar, so the guests can drink a coffee on ice (typical of Salento) while looking at the sea. Acquaviva Bay is 2 kilometers away from Acquaviva Suite in Marittima. You can arrive at the property through the panoramic street by the coast: you will be charmed by its colors, its cobalt view and the typical houses surrounded by rocks. Diving into this clear water is an experience that will regenerate your body and mind. Do you want a piece of advice? Visit it at night, it will be even more magical.

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